How does one determine the cadastral value?

How does one determine the cadastral value?

How are the cadastral value, the value of the land and the value of the construction obtained?

The cadastral value is formed by adding the sum of the land value and the building value of the property.

To calculate the value of urban assets, the urban/ruralconditions affecting them are taken into account (central urban or on the edge of an urbanisation, orientation, etc.).

The value of land with a rustic character is calculated by the value of its real or potential income, in accordance with the potential income of the land for production, the various crops or functions of the land that can be done on it and according to its cadastral characteristics.

To calculate the final value of the construction, whether urban or rustic, the historical-artistic character, the use or destination, the quality and antiquity and all other factors that may affect the plot/land are taken into account, in addition to the urban planning conditions.

Land values are determined on the basis of the data in the corresponding property registers and may be revised, altered or updated. Since many registers are not up to date and still use values from many years ago, the local and national governments in Spain are revising the property registers to bring them into line with their real contemporary value.


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